How Fast Is RFR Moving on Third Avenue?

Real Estate Weekly reports today that RFR Realty LLC is showing momentum at its 757 Third Avenue property near Grand Central.

The company, the report says, announced three new office leases totaling 23,504 square feet--these come on top of more than 183K square feet of recent leases, and another 40,000 more on tap.

“We have experienced tremendous leasing activity at the property over the past few months and expect the exceptional momentum to continue through the fall,” said Steve Morrows, executive vice president and director of leasing at RFR Realty LLC told Real Estate Weekly.

You can visit the company's site for the property here:

The 50-year-old office isn't RFR's most prestigious property--that would be the Seagram Building or the Lever House--but 757 Third has done well since dealmakers Aby Rosen and Michael Fuchs renovated the building, at E. 47th St., nearly five years ago.

The Real Estate Weekly report--which can be found in full here, that the lessees are

--MPA – The Association of Magazine Media, which took 12,199 square feet on the 11th floor; --investment advisory firm Train, Babcock Advisors LLC, for a full-floor 6,961 square foot 22-nd floor lease, and --Laura Pomerantz Real Estate, for 4,344 square feet on the 24th floor.

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