Babs Corcoran on Why Sex Closes Deals. Every Time.

Former Corcoran Group head turned reality TV star Barbara Corcoran has revealed how she closed all those real estate sales: She used her sex appeal. Every time.

Corcoran said on ABC’s Nightline last night, “I always use the sex card” to compete with male dealmeakers.

The interview is titled “The Women of ‘Shark Tank.’” In case you somehow have missed Shark Tank—which the report says “has captured the essence of the American Dream” and which airs at Fridays, 9 p.m. Eastern, on Nightline's network, ABC--has five “sharks” who evaluate entrepreneurs’ money making schemes.

The sharks, who include, among others, Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban, actually invest in projects they like.

That’s how Corcoran, who was widely reported to have sold her interest in the firm for $66 million in 2001, now earns a living. She’s one of two women on the show, and shared her philosophy last night with her co-star, QVC sales mogul Lori Grenier

Grenier at first said the women sharks were outnumbered, but Corcoran jumped in and shared--make that overshared: “We have a different perspective on the products,” said Corcoran. “Most of the men here have trophy wives. They’re wealthy men. They don’t shop. They don’t buy their kids clothes. They probably don’t shop for food.”

As a result, suggested Corcoran, she and Grenier were better suited to evaluate the potential need for the products and services the entrepreneurs offered.

The Nightline segment--full video available here--works as an outline for a future Corcoran episode of Biography.

Describing her as “a real estate tycoon” and the head of New York’s first female-owned brokerage firm, the segment showed Corcoran shopping for her own "dream home," noting she was scoping out a $14.5 million penthouse.

But the real highlight was the wisdom. Noting the 3-2 male-female Shark Tank panel rations, Corcoran said, “Our combined IQ is three times more than the men combined.”

Nightline segment reporter Cecilia Vega voice-overed that to get ahead as a woman in the corporate world, you have “to play up your assets.” Cut to Corcoran, sitting with Grenier: “I wear short skirts. I make sure have makeup on, and I flirt like crazy with the men, and guess what, I get into them that way.”

She concluded, “I always use the sex card…. I wear the sexiest outfit I could find. “

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