How Much Are the Foreclosure Fighters Getting from NY State?

If you can protect people’s homes from foreclosure in New York state, you are eligible for state money.

That’s the word this week from state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who announced $20 million in so-called HOPP grants to help homeowners avoid disclosure.

The money, however, isn’t for the homeowners directly: It will go to 54 house counseling groups and 24 legal service organizations.

The award money is the second round of a three-year, $60 million plan by the AG to head off home foreclosures.

The program, according to a Schneiderman press release, includes funding for the Center for New York City Neighborhoods and the Empire Justice Center, two “anchor centers” that will help the attorney general with manage the free foreclosure prevention services, and assist the grantees.

The press release quotes Kirstin Keefe, a senior staff attorney with the Empire Justice Center, who said, “This new infusion of funding from Attorney General Schneiderman means housing lawyers and counselors will continue to help families across our state stay in their homes. . . . We now have the funds to help even more others fight bureaucratic roadblocks to foreclosure that the nation’s biggest banks have promised to fix but have not yet fixed.”

The Homeowner Protection Program was established in 2012 using funds secured under the National Mortgage Settlement, where the U.S. Department of Justice, and nearly every other state agreed to compensation from with the nation’s five largest mortgage servicing companies for their deceptive practices.

The press release says that the total commitment so far is up to $40 million, with second year funding of about $6.9 million for New York City organizations, as well as additional funds distributed statewide.

In its first year, HOPP helped more than 4,700 Long Island homeowners, the AG’s office says.

More information on the New York Homeowner Protection Program is available here.

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