Weekend Wrap: Why You Want Commercial Space in Louisville

Building on the PWC-Urban Land Institute report discussed on Quidnunc this week, there’s more on the state of real estate from Bloomberg.

A Friday article says that demand for office buildings, retail centers and warehouses in smaller cities—Reno, Nev.; Greensboro, N.C.; Louisville, Ken.—“is surging as yields shrink for real estate on the coasts and in larger cities.

The report says that properties “on the outskirts of major metropolitan areas also are attracting interest, with prices for suburban offices rising faster than downtown real estate.” 

Bloomberg cites an index compiled by Moody’s Investors Service and Real Capital Analytics Inc.  You can see its report, tying in the PWC-ULI report, titled “Reno Better Than Manhattan for Buyers Demanding Yield: Mortgages,” here.

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