Why Does Tennessee Hate Jones Lang Lasalle?

It's simple:  When Tennessee signed a big contract with Jones Lang Lasalle for consulting services, the fact that Republican Gov. Bill Haslam is an investor in the company was going to get thrown back in the governor's face.

A Nashville alternative weekly concluded last summer that it wouldn't hurt him, here.

But the state still investigated the whopping $330 million, five-year contract as soon as it was announced.  It proceeded, but the media isn't letting the matter rest, either. 

It reared itself again with a blog post today that says that JLL's report will provide the company with more fees to move employees out of buildings it has concluded are substandard. 

The Nashville Scene calls the relationship a sweetheart deal engineered by the wealthy governor, who described himself as "a major" JLL investor in 2010: "we're just moving people around for the sake of moving people around, so that JLL can get paid for moving them," the blog notes.

[We will post JLL's response as soon as we hear back from them.]


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