Do You Want the Whole History of Massey Knakal? They Have It For You. Now.

It's almost epic:  "The Massey Knakal Way–Past, Present and Future."

It's not a movie or book, but the company's own gushing press release showed up today that celebrates the diversified Manhattan-based real estate company's 25th anniversary. 

The story begins well before the 1988 launch, up to the past 18 months, in which the company says it has grown by more than a third.

No need to recount on this site the full moving tale, though the key words and phrases you will want to watch for and learn from in the account include--for reals--"high quality," "milestone," young, ambitious," "learning the ropes," "take a chance and try things their way," "thoughtful," "takes great pride," "one-of-a-kind," "extensive neighborhood knowledge and industry expertise,"  "setting them apart from their competition," "open communication," "cultivates teamwork," "positive work environment," "personal and professional growth opportunities," and "the most passionate, knowledgeable and talented people in the industry."

Oh yes, also:  "heartwarming" and "passionate." 

Newsday already has picked it up behind a pay wall, but you can read this premium content in its entirety here.

In fact, the company did some business today, too, announced three deals.  Access

--This press release for details on the sale of a Bronx residential development site on Walton Avenue in the Morris Heights section, in an all-cash $1.15 million deal;

--This press release for an Upper West Side retail lease deal;

--And this press release for details on a $5.2 million all-cash package sale of an entire apartment building, and 11 units in a separate location, both on Kenilworth Place in Flatbush.  

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