How Much Does America Like Its Real Estate Agents?

Hey agents!  They don’t like you.


A newly released survey by Choice Home Warranty found that most people in the United States don’t trust insurance agents.


The online poll found that 67.5% of the respondents don’t trust real estate agents.


Age, according to the respondents, was the biggest indicator:  nearly 70% of those under age 44 said they do not trust agents.


The breakdowns didn’t change the views: men and women have about the same level of distrust at 69% and 66%, respectively.


Similarly, regional answers didn’t vary far from the national average. The Midwest had the highest level of trust, the study says, with 61.9% of the participants answering that they did not trust  agents, while and Westerners had the highest level of distrust at 71.5%.


The report says that population density had a slight influence on whether participants were likely to trust real estate agents, with 66% of city dwellers saying they distrusted the profession, but jumping to 74.3% for those living in rural areas.


Age helped agents. Respondents 55-64 were most likely to trust real agents, answering “Yes” 42.2% of the time, while trust dropped to 27.7% for respondents ages 35-44.


Choice Home Warranty, an Edison, N.J., company that insures homeowners' system repairs and their appliances, says that the survey, “Do You Trust Real Estate Agents?” was conducted online using Google Consumer Surveys Oct. 30, 2013 among 1147 adults, ages 18 and over. You can find the release and more charts like the one below here.



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