Wrapping Up Tuesday, and Looking Ahead to Tomorrow

Wrapping up Tuesday,

First is our collection of key NYC and Chicago coverage of today’s industry grop decision declaring One World Trade Center the nation’s tallest building, here.  


  • A nearly half-hour interview circulated on the web today condemning CBRE Inc., and its chairman, Richard Blum, on the investment and management company’s deal to dispose of old U.S. Postal Service facilities.  It’s a recent video on the nation’s first digital channel, WHDT, with author Peter Byrne, who has written a book on Blum’s conduct, and the conflicts in the deal.  Blum's wife is U.S. Sen. Diane Feinstein, a California Democrat.  The video, “The big scam in CBRE's sale of post offices,”  was posted today by an NYU professor, Steve Hutkins, who is a big fan of the USPS--see http://www.savethepostoffice.com--as well as this blog.
  • ICYMI, Steve Cuozzo’s mini-interviews with titans on what they think Mayor-Elect De Blasio’s real estate and development priorities should be in the New York Post.

In tomorrow’s news,

The big story is that Mayor Bloomberg’s Midtown East plan was going to be voted down by the City Council, so he withdrew it this evening. Details:

Also, everything you need to know about living on the north side of Central Park, has been posted by the NY Times, here.

The Times also has the details on how 45 restaurants in Manhattan Valley are “Using Food to Make an Off-Campus Area More Inviting.”

The Times’ Wednesday 30 Minute Interview subject is Miki Naftali, chairman and CEO of the Naftali Group, a high-residential development company in 

Finally, the Times also just posted its weekly list of interesting recent commercial sales, here



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