Are We Too Secure at the World Trade Center Site?

Amidst the openings and the height-establishings and the accompanying celebrations, the New York Times reports today that a suit will be filed tomorrow over the World Trade Center's security plan and public access.

It's a dark reminder that the lush landscaping and development details surrounding this morning's opening of 4WTC, and the elaborate plans under construction in anticipation of next year's One WTC opening, that the area is still considered a terrorist target by security officials.

The Times reports that 12 residents and one shop owner will sue the police under the name of the WTC Neighborhood Alliance. Six of the plaintiffs, the article says, live on Liberty Street.

You can read the article here.

The complaint, the newspaper reports, \is expected to be filed on Thursday in Supreme Court in Manhattan.  It will say that the impact statement was flawed by faulty analysis and its rejection of alternative measures. Six of the plaintiffs live on Liberty Street, within the heavily secured zone.

The chief objection, the article says, is to an environmental impact statement about the plan that "failed to explain and generally suppressed the N.Y.P.D.'s rationale for critical aspects of the plan based on a purported need for secrecy." 

The Times says that the plaintiffs charge that the security plan makes the WTC area "as impervious to traffic as the Berlin Wall."

The suit will test the limits between living securely and freedom--in this case, to come and go and access one's home.

The Times article has links, including the challenged environmental impact statement.

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