Quidnuncing Your Week

Here is your week in review--revisiting some of the most important and popular stories since last weekend on Quidnunc:

Which Major REIT Gets a Patriotic Leasing Deal? (Monday)

How Much More Valuable Does Your Degree Make You? (Monday

How CBRE Is Untethering Its Employees? (Monday)

Why Does Tennessee Hate Jones Lang Lasalle?(Monday)

What's Worrying NY Real Estate Brokers Now? (Monday)

Why Should Foreign Tax Levys on U.S. Real Estate Be Lifted? (Tuesday)

Do You Want the Whole History of Massey Knakal? They Have It For You. Now. (Tuesday)

Back on Top, Redux: More on One WTC's Victory (Wednesday)

Are We Too Secure at the World Trade Center Site? (Wednesday)

Sinking Deeper: What Did the Tennessee Say About Jones Lang Lasalle's Facilities Assessment Contract? (Thursday)

How a Distressed Lexington Avenue Property Became a Strong German Investment (Thursday)

What’s the Link Between Luxury and Affordable? (Friday)







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