Catching Up with the Week, #4: Weekend Stories on the Cuomo/Hudson River Development Mistake, and NYCHA's Lawyer Largessety and State Misfires

Daily News columnist Juan Gonzalez points out the irony in Hudson River development in the divergence between N.J Republican Gov. Chris Christie, and New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Christie, notes Gonzalez, heeded the warnings of experts who said Hoboken waterfront development would be environmentally ruinous, and agreed that he couldn't take the flooding risk.  He vetoed a bill OK'ing retail and condos.

Contrast that with Cuomo's signature last week on a bill that will allow the Hudson River Park Trust to sell air rights along the West Side, which will usher in what New Jersey rejected, condos and stores.  We discussed this last week, here.

The columnist writes that the justifications and actions behind the New York moves were not only unjustified, but reasons that the move was simply a money grab. 

You can see the column here.

Speaking of money grabs, tomorrow's paper, details how the New York City Housing Authority, with 98 lawyers already on staff, pays private firms $9 million annually to fight its many court fights. The article details how the agency justifies a practice at least one insider says is a waster of tax dollars, using as a backdrop the many personal injury cases NYCHA faces. You can find the Daily News investigation here.

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