Tomorrow's First Read...

In "Matching Space To Needs of Firms," the Monday Wall Street Journal looks at techie firms who don't want the glass towers rising throughout Manhattan, but are instead choosing old stock when moving in.

The phenomenon is pronounced enough so that the article says that, in light of the dropping last week of a Bloomberg plan to rezone and redevelop Midtown East (our story, here), some policy experts, developers and businesses are pushing Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio "to focus on creating more affordable office space to reflect a shift in the city's economy away from large banks and law firms to more small and midsize firms in technology and creative industries."

Ultimately, it means more offices of all shapes and sizes.

But the article says that the live-work spaces sought by techies--"new funky, low-price office space"--is the subject of shifting city and private priorities. 

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