Development Fight in the Bronx, and a Look at a Massive DC

This is what Montefiore Medical Center wants to build in a residential part of Riverdale.

Montefiore Medical Center's proposed clinic

A couple of interesting items from this morning's papers:

Montefiore Medical Center and its building partner, Simone Healthcare Development Group, wants to plop a clinic down in the middle of a residential neighborhood in Riverdale that would serve 1,000 patients a day.  The politicians rushed in to support the unhappy locals, including the elderly woman who lives across the street from the development site: ""How could anyone in their right mind think parking for 1,000 people a day is feasible by going through this street?"

Details and two more neighborhood views in the Daily News.

The Times today has the story behind another development that is far afield for us--the Northwest section of Washington, D.C.--but for sheer scale, the article is worth a look. 

In "Grand Vision for Former Home of Walter Reed Hospital," the Times details the massive project to reintegrate the fenced-off site where the hospital operated for more than a century back into the neighborhood of mostly single family homes. 

The article notes, "Plans call for 3.1 million square feet of development, costing $1 billion, over perhaps 20 years of construction—including 2,097 residential units, 250,000 square feet of retail space, 90,000 square feet of offices, a science center, restaurants, a Hyatt hotel and conference center, and 20 acres of open space."  

The article says that the development is projected to create 4,500 construction jobs, 2,900 temporary jobs, generate annual local tax revenue of $37 million.

Houston's Hines is developing the site, and has brought in Weingarten Realty Investors, a national shopping center developer, and home builder Toll Brothers.

The details can be found here.

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