Making Sustainability Sustainable

Dan Probst - JLL (image)

JLL's Dan Probst

The Real Estate Finance Intelligence website yesterday posted a short video interview on incorporating sustainability in buildings that well worth watching.

Dan Probst, the chairman of energy and sustainability services, succinctly describes how smart practices make efficiency and provide a return on investment.

“[you] fine tune the building like keeping your car tuned up while you drive it,” he explained.  

It's a short interview, under eight minutes, and the view is macro and, coming from a JLLers, appears to be big development-centric.

But the focus is on the bottom line, and Probst here makes it sound easy. "We're consistently seeing paybacks of less than 18 months, usually less than 12 months," he said, adding that it's a quick return, “that’s why we refer to it often as a no brainer.”

Seems sensible.

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