What Happened in the Empire State Building REIT Court Case? Updated!

A good way to end the week: Home equity is rising at a record fast rate, and that may lead to more owners being able to sell soon.  From Bloomberg, here.

And mortgage rates went back down this week, first time in three weeks, also via Bloomberg.

Finally on Bloomberg, just posted, an account of the doings in Meyers v. Empire State Realty Trust Inc., the case argued Thursday in New York state’s Appellate Divison that seeks to invalidate the original investors’ buyout terms, and thereby unwind the IPO that covers the ownership of the Empire State Building.

And we need to catch up with the Wall Street Journal's take on a subject we looked at earlier this week, the surprisingly thriving commercial mortgage-backed securities market, here, even in the face of (generally, but not this week!) higher rates.

And on the WSJ's Developments Blog Thursday, will the Senate's new rule that guts filibusters finally get nominee Mel Watt confirmed to head Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

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