Chelsea Landmark Won't Be Sold for Development

Old Chelsea Station

The Old Chelsea Station, by DNAInfo's Mathew Katz

OK, real estate community, you can stop rubbing your hands together over a Chelsea opportunity.

It ain't happening.

Website DNAInfo New York reports that a tip it provided early this year, that the U.S. Postal Service would sel the Old Chelsea Station at 217 W. 18th St. to raise deficit-helping cash is now off. Thanks to political and community pressure, the Post Office will keep the facility open, the article states.

The website says that local pols found out about the potential sale of the 1937 building--which is on the National Register of Historic Places--last February after it posted a story about the sale.
"The Old Chelsea Station building likely would have sold for a substantial sum in the pricey neighborhood," DNAInfo New York reports. "After news broke that the USPS wanted to sell the building, dozens of high-end brokers and real estate investors got in touch with DNAInfo hoping to get more information about the potential sale."

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