Integrating and Automating Your Facility's Systems

We couldn't look away from these growth numbers.

Navigant Research, a marketing research and consulting firm that looks at "global clean technology markets" worldwide, is selling a new report on commercial building automation systems--the energy infrastructure that integrates and manages your facility's HVAC, lighting, fire & life safety, and security & access controls. 

The moves to efficiency means substantial growth, according to the report's executive summary.  The firm projects that commercial building automation systems will grow to $100.8 billion in annual revenue over the next eight years, from the currently $56.9 billion.

The report has a futurist tone. Navigant notes that the systems traditionally have been "proprietary in nature, with single vendors providing and maintaining the systems for each customer." 

That has meant that there has been no clear standards for automation systems, or for the accompanying general building and energy management systems, which has led to industry confusion.

"Today," Navigant says, "many of these conditions are changing – and at a pace that is unusually fast for the buildings industry."

A research analyst in the company's press release notes, "“The adoption of these new embedded computing, communications, sensing, and software technologies is fundamentally changing the commercial [business automation systems]AS market, presenting both risks and rewards for industry stakeholders.”

The company's press release, with a link to the report's executive summary, can be found on its website here.

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