Who's All In on #GivingTuesday?

Not a lot of activity, at least not yet, on #GivingTuesday among New York real estate professionals.  In fact, it all seems to be coming from one place, Halstead Property.

Two NYC reference pop up under the ubiquitous Twitter hashtag this morning:  @HalsteadBlog, one of the accounts maintained by area property management brokerage firm, actually jumped the gun a couple of weeks ago, posting a Tumblr page, HERE, urging everyone to get involved. 

Today, a New York real estate agent--appropriately, @NY_RealEstate--is urging Twitter followers to support a stomp-out bullying charity.  It turns out that the agent is a Halstead high flyer, broker Ross Ellis.  You can see her Twitter page with the link to the charity here: https://twitter.com/NY_RealEstate

Here's a website explaining #GivingTuesday.

Who are we missing?  There has got to be more of you.

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