In Tomorrow's News ...

Here is your lengthy head start on Friday's news:

  • The old Taystee Bakery building on W. 125 is finally being redeveloped.  But what/who will go there? The developer and the city want a brewery. The Daily News has an article for Friday, HERE.
  • Also in the Friday Daily News, struggling St. John's Episcopal Hospital in Far Rockaway--the only hospital left in the Rockaways--asks the state for $10 million to expand.
  • And again in the Daily News tomorrow, a lot in Red Hook will be a pricey private school that the neighborhood can't afford and doesn't want.  HERE.
  • Tomorrow's Wall Street Journal has a take on wealthy property owners who want to try to cash in--astronomically--by renting around the Super Bowl. $10K per day, four-day minimum, for Hoboken. Wow. HERE.
  • The WSJ also has a story on Verizon selling off the old New York Telephone Co. buildings for condo and other development, HERE.
  • And today the WSJ Developments blog had a story on the four ways Rep. Mel Watt, D., N.C., could shange U.S. housing policy if/when he is confirmed next week as Federal Housing Finance Agency, which oversees Fannie Mae and Freddi Mac.
  • The New York Times goes back to the River House on the East Side and looks across the street to another old building that has seen many changes . . . but still caters to the richest. Streetscapes history near and on Beekman Terrace. The article will appear in Sunday's Real Estate section.
  • Also slated for Sunday but now available, the downside to Federal Housing Administration mortgages.  The problem is the required mortgage insurance for the often risky loans. HERE.
  • And thanks to the Times for the point:  Allstate Corp. has its wallets open for real estate investment to the tune of $100 million. It is "deals with emerging investment managers in real estate and other asset classes." See the item on
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