A New Development Fight on the Upper East Side

A Facebook protest page has coalesced into a court action to stop a development.

The New York Post reported on Saturday that a dozen Upper East Side residents filed suit Friday to stop a 1.1 million square foot project on the East River at E. 73rd St. in a former NYC garbage depot. 

The group announced its establishment last spring in the face of the impending project, which the city has approved.  On a Facebook page, the Residents for Reasonable Development say that, in the face of the project by Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Hunter College, which will include two high-rise buildings--as well as the planned garbage transfer station for the Upper East Side which was a mayoral election race issue--that it wants to save Yorkville:


RESIDENTS FOR REASONABLE DEVELOPMENT supports the diverse Yorkville community and is dedicated to preserving the residential scale and character of this neighborhood for the people who live and work here and attend our schools.

We will accomplish this by observing the following - F.A.C.T.S.

F: FAMILY – We will protect our families, seniors, students and workers from harm.

  • Yorkville is home to families with children, adults of ages and the LARGEST concentration of seniors in the entire City.
  •  Yorkville is home to many schools, both public and private, bringing more families and children into our community every day. Our community encompasses many workers who commute into Yorkville every day.

A: ADVOCACY – We support those politicians who support us in the endeavor to protect our quality of life:

  • those who advocate keeping the Yorkville community family-friendly;
  • those who advocate maintaining the RESIDENTIAL nature of Yorkville;
  • those who advocate keeping Yorkville’s children and seniors safe from excessive traffic and excessive pollution;
  • those who advocate for responsible use of tax payer money.

C: COMMUNITY – Yorkville is an economically, culturally and ethnically mixed residential community. It is critical to the nature of this community that this mix be retained, and that the nature of the community remains residential.

T: TAXES - The proposed [Memorial Sloan Kettering] project will immediately increase the financial burden on NYC taxpayers, residents and voters in all five boroughs by hundreds of millions of dollars. The deep discount sale of land to MSK is as foolish and irresponsible as selling your home for a fraction of its current value. You wouldn't financially harm your family and NYC should not financially harm taxpayers and voters with the proposed MSK sweetheart deal.

There's other major development in the neighborhood, too:  Rockefeller University wants to add a third platform out over the FDR Drive for a new building.


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