CBRE's Alleged Postal Conflicts of Interest

The Huffington Post has just added a story on the husband of Sen. Diane Feinstein, D., Calif., whose dealings with the U.S. Post Office are raising eyebrows.

A 2013 book, "Going Postal," by California investigative journalist Peter Byrne, alleges that Richard Blum, longtime chairman of Los Angeles-based real estate services giant CBRE Inc., used his wife's Senate influence to win big contracts with post office, then sold off properties fast, undervalued, to make a quick, steep profit.

The book also charges that Blum's firm inappropriately played both sides of a transaction--repping the post office on one side, and Goldman Sachs, a big CBRE investor, on the other.

HuffPo has a chapter excerpt with the article, HERE

Quidnunc posted a video of Byrne discussing the allegations at length last month, HERE.

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