The Israelis Are Coming. The Israelis Are Here. (And So Are the Canadians.)

International Business Times website posted a story this morning on foreign investment in U.S. real estate, with three interesting pie charts that set out the rates.

The story's focus is on Israel, where investors are said to be ponying up for U.S. real estate, especially in New York.

The pie charts, and in part the article, are based on a June 2013 presentation by the big international law firm of Greenberg Traurig.  The charts show comparisons of foreign commercial real estate investment in 2007, 2011, and 2012.

Canada is the source of the bulk of the buying, at 31.5% of the $27.9 billion of overseas investment here, down from 33.9% in 2011. Swiss money accounts for 9.2% of the total, and Germany is third at 9%.

But the article says that "Israeli interest is significant, given the size of the country and the way it funnels foreign cash into New York City, specifically." 

Israeli investment stood at 7.3% of a $37.3 billion investment pool in 2007; 4.7% of a $28.6 billion 2011 foreign stake, and 5% of this year's foreign investment, according to the Greenberg Traurig charts.

The article, which discusses deals and links to some high-profile players, explains that increasing Israeli pension plan contributions have encouraged the funds to diversify, and a big overseas target has been U.S. and New York real estate. 

You can read the article and see the pie charts HERE

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