More on those Central Park Development Shadows

  • Posted at 10:33, December 27, 2013
  • By Quidnunc Staff

Last night, we rounded up the stories on the fears over the development near Central Park that claims it is providing luxury but is doing so at the possible expense of those on the ground.

QuidnuncRE highlights of several articles framing the debate, led on Tuesday by New York Times critic Michael Kimmelman, which coincided with a Municipal Arts Society report that charts the long shadows the new buildings will cause, can be found in an overnight post, "Catching Up on the Holiday Shadowplay," HERE.

Now, Channel 2 and WINS are on the story.  You can find a report HERE, with comments disputing the effects of the building from Extell Development, whose One57 luxury building has been a punching bag for a variety of reasons for both critics and supporters of the Central Park South development.



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