Your City, Today and Tomorrow

The NYC Department of Buildings sent out a big PDF report this afternoon that looks at the today and tomorrow of city construction and development. 

The 27-page report examines the current status and projects-on-tap in five categories: enforcement, development,  technology, training, and quality of life.

On enforcement, the report trumpets for “today,”  25 tough new safety and land-use laws and rules since 2008 that make “[c]onstruction operations are safer today than at any other point in our City’s history."

On development,  for “tomorrow,” it plans to extend the NYC Development Hub—the department’s electronic process that streamlines approvals, HERE—to all city agencies.

On technology, the reportsays that for today, its recent smartphone app has been downloaded more than 10,000 times. For tomorrow, field inspection teams will be deployed with tablets with fast access to critical data.  

For training, the department last year launched an Inspector Training Academy with a 440-hour, 11-week program for new building inspectors.  The future holds an expansion: another week with 40 more hours of training.

For quality-of-life initiatives, the department since 2008 has issued more than 11,000 violations to property owners, outdoor advertising companies and sign hangers, with a possible penalty haul of $38 million. It says 2,800 illegal signs have been removed.  The future holds an expansion of the urbancanvas program, which creates temporary art at construction sites.

There’s much more in “Building New York: A Strategy to Improve Construction and Development,” HERE.  

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