First Look at Dec. 29

  • Posted at 2:42, December 30, 2013
  • By Quidnunc Staff

Three to start your final Monday of 2013:

  • The Wall Street Journal analyzed home price data from Zillow, and reaches a conclusion we have seen in recent weeks:  Home prices are back to the pre-crash highs, or very near.  There's a big but, however:  It's selective in the midst of an overall climb back from the crash, nationwide.  "The figures . . . underscore the uneven nature of the U.S. housing recovery," the article says, noting that prices are back to their record highs in 10 of 50 metro markets.  The article, in Monday's paper, explains the nuances of the recovery very well:  It notes that some places didn't bust as badly as others, but on the other hand, some that did suffer a lot between 2007-2011 are doing quite well too.  HERE, with a subscription.
  • The WSJ also has a Williamsburg deal article Monday, for the adjoining buildings at 774-784 Grand St. and 213 Maujer St. The article reports that the sale is for $14.2 million, and quotes a broker noting the purchase is by a joint venture between Jeff Kurtz of Kamson Corp. and Dean Marchi of Grand Street Development, from an individual.  The sale, but not the price, was first reported by the Bedford + Bowery blog in October, HERE.
  • Bloomberg Businessweek discusses constraints from the banking industry on Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio's plan to invest city pension fund assets in affordable housing, just posted, HERE.
  • Newsday has an article posted Sunday that says that jumbo mortgages are now more accessible as lenders ease their requirements, HERE.
  • The AM New York giveaway paper has a short take on the residential outlook for the new year, naming a few particular buildings, HERE.
  • And:  Did you know the big Times Square building the ball will drop on tomorrow is nearly empty?  The New Yorker has the details, HERE.  And if you hadn't heard yet, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor will lead this year's countdown--details from NYC's WNBC Channel 4, HERE.
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