Is Your Property Management Firm Leading by Example? Is It a Standard Setter?

The Natural Resources Defense Council blog today posted details of a new initiative it says will have some of the city’s leading residential property management firms reducing the carbon footprint of their buildings.

The NRDC says that multifamily buildings are perfect targets to reduce city pollution:  They constitute 76% of the total number of buildings and 65% of the "gross floor area."

Moreover, apartments and multifamily buildings account for 50% of the energy used in the city and 55% of greenhouse gas emissions.

The city's Carbon Challenge for Multifamily Buildings web page says that the residential sector overall accounts for 37% percent of the city's total emissions.

The NRDC blog post is HERE.  The city's Carbon Challenge site can be found HERE.

The city says that 10 firms have committed to cut emissions by 30% over the next decade.  The firms accepting the NYC Carbon Challenge for Multifamily Buildings are:

  • AKAM Associates, Inc.
  • Century Property Management 
  • Charles H. Greenthal Management Corp.
  • Douglas Elliman Property Management
  • FirstService Residential
  • Marion Scott Real Estate Inc.
  • Midboro Management
  • Prestige Management
  • Rose Associates
  • RY Management Co.

The NRDC blog, which has a national perspective on the New York efforts (see the link above), says that the firms "will focus their energy efficiency efforts on a total of 200-500 buildings."  The reduction, it reports, would be the "equivalent to taking more than 20,000 passenger vehicles off the road."

The blog notes, "These top firms will be leading by example. They will be the standard-setting companies for others in New York and cities around the country, showing how to shrink their carbon footprints through energy efficiency improvements. "

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