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  • Posted at 2:26, December 31, 2013
  • By Quidnunc Staff

For your Tuesday morning reading:

  • The starting point in the Tuesday, Dec. 31 Wall Street Journal is "Manhattan Condo Sales Hit Record." The newspaper did its own analysis of city records, and found that the average sales price set a record in the fourth quarter at $2.14 million, with the median price at a record $1.3 million. The top price was a $42 million penthouse at 18 Gramercy Park. Full details, including flat sales at co-ops, is HERE with a subscription.
  • The WSJ rounds up the big business of education in New York, focusing specifically on its impact on real estate development.  Highlighted are the construction and expansion plans at Fordham, NYU, CUNY, and Cornell, in "New Campus Buildings Take Shape: Institutions of Higher Learning in New York City Are Beginning Construction Programs to Add Millions of Square Feet in New Classrooms," HERE, with a subscription.
  • The WSJ also has details on Hudson Woods, a $20 million Ulster County vacation home development, which likely will be near casino development.  Also in Tuesday's paper, posted now, HERE, with a sub.
  • The story of a broken Grand Concourse bank clock also is the story of new Bronx real estate development.  See the Dec. 31 New York Times feature, "Plans to Fix a Bronx Landmark and a Hole in Time."
  • Wednesday's New York Times "The Appraisal" column, "Seeking a Buyer for a Home Full of Creatures From the Time of Noah," gets it right where the #NYCRealEstate community scoffed: It doesn't matter if the house is full of taxidermy and staging is far from the owner's concerns.  The place will sell because it's Borough Park and inventory, even a house called "Torah Animal World," goes fast.
  • And finally.....

Axl Rose Credit: Zimbio
  • Finally, posted yesterday afternoon on New York magazine's Vulture site, it was revealed that Tribeca's greatest expensive-apartment tenant ever is . . . Guns N' Roses legendary leader and occasional hotel destructionist.  A funny take on being a landlord by blogger Steve Fishman in "What Happened When Axl Rose Rented My Apartment," HERE.


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