Two Hot Sales, but Selling Isn't So Hot

  • Posted at 3:44, January 03, 2014
  • By QuidnuncRE Staff

In keeping with the QuidnuncRE residential themes today, there are two items circulating for those of you interested in selling:

  • The New York Times has this week's highest price sale under city records filings.  The article just posted says that there is a happy tie this week, a condo and a townhouse.  The condo is on the 26th floor of the limestone tower at 15 Central Park West, which is at W. 62nd St. The townhouse is at 159 E. 61st. between Third and Lexington Aves. The title of the Times "Big Ticket" feature tells you how these turned out, "Two Faces of Luxury, $15.5 Million Each." (You also can take a virtual tour of the townhouse HERE.)  
  • But no one ever said that it would be simple.  The Wall Street Journal has the lowdown on the rush to become a broker, ride around in a nice car and show rich people fancy homes.  And while it turns out that breaking in indeed is easy, that plan doesn't usually turn out as well as the luxury sales above: The median annual income for real estate agents nationwide was $43,500 in 2012, up from $34,900 in 2011. You can read "Can Selling Real Estate Make You Rich?" HERE.
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