QuindnuncRE Weekend: A View on Crowdfunding Your Deals

  • Posted at 2:55, January 04, 2014
  • By QuidnuncRE Staff

A column posted yesterday on GlobeSt.com discusses using multiple investment sources to buy real estate, derived from the Internet.  Welcome to Stefano Zaccaria d’Aniello’s world of real estate crowdfunding.

Zaccaria d’Aniello, co-founder and COO of GroundBreaker, an entrepreneurial Web firm that raises funds for real estate investment with offices in New York and San Francisco, writes briefly on the topic of raising capital.  It is his inaugural column for the GlobeSt.com site, so more details are on the way.

Zaccaria d’Aniello believes that crowdfunding can help real estate growth, in part because the wherewithal of an offering is impractical to investors and developers who aren’t REITs.   

In such cases, the columnist says registration isn’t practical.  At the same time, private fundraising is too old-school country club for today's markets, so the technology-centric crowdfunding site appears to be the author’s answer for efficiency.

You can see the deals that Zaccaria d’Aniello is raising funds for through his firm's website HERE.

The column's brief introduction to crowdfunding, now the feature item on the GlobeSt.com homepage, can be found in full HERE.


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